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Hairless Hilltop Hunks

                             The Home of Beautiful Hairless Skinny Pigs & Baldwins


~ Welcome to the Most POPULAR and BEST loving

Skinny Pigs in the United States ~


~ To the Palace of Beautiful Hairless Guinea Pigs ~

Hairless Hilltop Hunks is located an hour from the St. Louis area. I am a breeder of two very rare types of Hairless Guinea Pigs. The last 15 years were amazing as I become the TOP breeder of the United States!!! I sold HUNDREDS of piggies over the years but life did get crazy and I decided to sell out of piggies. On a positive note in the end I did decide to buy a few of the back and new ones to add to my new lines. There are two types of hairless guinea pigs. One known as a Skinny Pig and the other known as the Baldwin Guinea Pig. Skinny pigs still have a little bit of fuzz on their noses and feet while Baldwins are completely hairless and the rarest of all Guinea Pigs. I am still breeding but at a very small amount :)

I have sold babies all over the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Whether you want a hairless guinea pig for breeding or a pet, my line will not let you down. As moving forward in my small breeding program I did decide to stop shipping piggies. I will meet up to three hours for a fee or your completely welcome to pick up from my home.

Mrs. Natalie Howell

~ Owner of Hairless Hilltop Hunks~