Hairless Hilltop Hunks

                             The Home of Beautiful Hairless Skinny Pigs & Baldwins

  ~ Operation Hairless Hilltop Hunks ~

 " The final proof of a breeder's ability is in the resulting offspring which is an

equal balance of confirmation, temperment, and health."



I do about 99% of the work that is involved with caring, pairing, feeding, cleaning, recording, etc with the cavies. When I am off work from my full time job, I spend my days keeping up with emails, website design, and cage cleaning. I am constantly making sure every pig has excellent care and that the piggie room is kept up to A+ standards. Since the piggie room is in one of our spare bedrooms it is wise to make sure everything is in tiptop shape.


My Husband and I were married on June 11th, 2011. John does about 1% of the work... haha, no truly he helps out big time when my full time job ends up being 12 hour days. I often come home to the cages cleaned with everyone fed and watered! If your not used to it, cage cleaning can be a huge job that requires patience. Together we get everything done and LOVE every minute of it :)

Our son came along on May 19th, 2012. That's right! We have a gorgeous son named Heston and i'm he loves the piggies just as much as we do.